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Waterponding on a flat roof is a prime cause of deterioration because variations in temperature between wet and dry areas of the roof can cause differential thermal movement. ...

Best Options for a Flat Roofing Replacement - Modernize

Metal is one of the most popular materials used for flat roof replacement. Metal—specifically aluminum—is known for its durability. Flat metal roofs can last for almost 35 years in ideal conditions. Plus, it has the added advantage of reflecting heat from the sun ...

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When comparing flat roof materials, don't overlook a solution that is as reliable as traditional methods, but can do much more than those methods alone. ...

Roof Deck – IB Deck Shield, a Beautiful, Watertight Solution for Flat Roof Decks | Cool Flat Roof

RoofDecks.org – general information about roofing materials, roof deck prices and installation methods of waterproofing products for roof decks, balconies and patios. Flat Roofing – informational resource about flat roofing materials ...

2.5 Application of panels in flat and roof decking

In the warm deck flat roof the insulation and vapour control layer are above the roof decking thereby almost ... Alternatively, other materials with a higher thermal performance could be incorporated in the design in juxtaposition with the wood-based panel. 2.5.2 ...

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Steel Deck Flat Roof ROCKWOOL insulation with mechanically fixed single-ply roofing membrane system on metal deck, enhances the overall performance of the membrane roof system in fire, thermal and acoustics and producing a durable and energy efficient ...

Flat Roof Options - Check Out Number Five! | Progressive Materials

MOST INDUSTRIAL OR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS HAVE FLAT ROOFS Flat roofs are horizontal, or very near it. They have very little slope when compared to roofs on a home or residential building. There are several replacement options for your flat flat roof.

Environmental friendly products

Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC) is made of both wood powder and plastic. It uses recycled materials, turns wastes into goods. It saves forests while still offering consumers the appearance and texture of real wood.

Durable and Maintenance-free

WPC is very strong and durable. It is highly resistant to damages from water, UV, termite and rodent. It does not need to be painted and will not rot.

A wide selection of profiles

We have a wide selection of profiles and will help you to choose the most suitable designs. In addition, we can produce customized profiles for your project.